An adaptive order-statistic noise filter for gamma-corrected image sequences

R.P. Kleihorst, R.L. Lagendiik, J. Biemond
1997 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing  
Original video signals are often corrupted by a certain amount of noise originating from the camera electronics. As a result of the gamma correction in cameras, the observed noise is signal dependent. In this correspondence, we present a spatio-temporal order-statistic (OS) noise filter that takes into account the gamma correction in the camera. The calculation of the filter coefficients requires higher-order orderstatistics (HOOS) of the noise process. We make use of a range test (RT) to
more » ... test (RT) to determine locally from which neighboring signal values an estimate should be formed. The noise filter that we arrive at is adaptive and computationally efficient. Index Terms-Image filtering, image sequence processing, noise filtering, order statistics. Publisher Item Identifier S 1057-7149(97)07121-2.
doi:10.1109/83.624968 pmid:18282899 fatcat:sandj6lqnnbgpeuvdpaepj5c3y