Time scales in shear banding of wormlike micelles

O Radulescu, P. D Olmsted, J. P Decruppe, S Lerouge, J.-F Berret, G Porte
2003 Europhysics letters  
We show the existence of three well defined time scales in the dynamics of wormlike micelles after a step between two shear rates on the stress plateau. These time scales are compatible with the presence of a structured interface between bands of different viscosities and correspond to the isotropic band destabilization during the stress overshoot, reconstruction of the interface after the overshoot and travel of a fully formed interface. The last stage can be used to estimate a stress
more » ... e a stress diffusion coefficient.
doi:10.1209/epl/i2003-00351-x fatcat:4gzxbumhlvgjddn4qkyzcybqvu