Study on the Resonant Parameters of Y (4220) and Y (4390)

Jielei Zhang, Limin Yuan, Rumin Wang
2018 Advances in High Energy Physics  
Many vector charmonium-like states have been reported recently in the cross sections of e+e-→ωχc0, π+π-hc, π+π-J/ψ, π+π-ψ(3686), and π+D0D⁎-+c.c. To better understand the nature of these states, a combined fit is performed to these cross sections by using three resonances Y(4220), Y(4390), and Y(4660). The resonant parameters for the three resonances are obtained. We emphasize that two resonances Y(4220) and Y(4390) are sufficient to explain these cross sections below 4.6 GeV. The lower limits
more » ... f Y(4220) and Y(4390)'s leptonic decay widths are also determined to be (36.4±2.0±4.2) and (123.8±6.5±9.0) eV.
doi:10.1155/2018/5428734 fatcat:xrrlvmrae5butabbx6xiibrtni