Correlation of Glycemic Control Parameters in Non-Diabetic Persons with Cardiovascular Risk Scores - Results from a Cross- Sectional Study

Gina Botnariu, Norina Forna, Alina Popa, Raluca Popescu, Alina Onofriescu, Daniel Cioloca, Cristina Lacatusu, Bogdan Mihai
2017 Revista de chimie (Bucuresti)  
To assess the correlation between main parameters of glycemic control and cardiovascular risk scores in non-diabetic persons. Risk scores were calculated by using the University of Edinburgh Risk Calculator. Risk scores are used to estimate the probability of cardiovascular disease in individuals who have not already developed major atherosclerotic disease. We correlated the results of these scores with the parameters that describes the glycaemic profile: preprandial glicaemia, HbA1c and 1 hour
more » ... a, HbA1c and 1 hour and 2 h post-prandial glycaemia, determined during Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT).Both fasting glycaemia and HbA1c significantly correlated with cardiovascular risk scores calculated for a period of 10 years. The recorded post-prandial glycaemic values at 1h and 2h after glucose loading didn�t significantly correlate with calculated scores, in the study group. The observed correlations underline the importance of glycaemia in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases.
doi:10.37358/rc.17.1.5399 fatcat:4dwu4dlqw5gx7ey2772mexosfe