E-learning Managers Training at Universities: Projection, Design and Efficiency Indicators

Nataliia Morze, Oksana Buinytska, Olena Glazunova, Olena Kuzminska, Galyna Protsenko, Iryna Vorotnykova
The article offers the theoretical-and-methodic aspects and practical experience outcomes of implementing the master's specialization «E-learning management» for the students of pedagogical specialities of the University, which forms professional competences in the field of innovative methods, Web-services 2.0, e-learning expertise, projecting of e-environment, IT-infrastructure management, as well as develops Soft skills. It suggests the solution of the specialists' training, who will have an
more » ... , who will have an ability not only to use ICT in their academic activities, but will also master the competences of e-learning. The article features the model of professional competences of e-learning manager, the content of the training program, methods, forms and training tools, efficiency indicators, and outlines the directions of research results dissemination.