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Ross Singer
2008 Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship  
Microbial fuel cells (MFCs), which can be use bacterial cultures as biocatalyst for the conversion of chemical energy into the electricity from the biomass. The bacteria that can be able to synthesis the electron from biodegradation of organic content and transfer the electron are known as exoelectrogen. The objective of this study was to investigate the electricity generation from the extremophilic bacterium isolated from Lonar Lake (India). Oceanobacillus iheyensis BS1(2), an alkalophilic,
more » ... an alkalophilic, Gram-positive, spore forming, was isolated from the anode of a lonar lake sediment MFC that was continuously operated under pH 10.0. Before the culture transfer in anode, strain Oceanobacillus iheyensis BS12 was aerobically cultivated in medium Horikoshi II medium. A totally fifty seven bacterial culture were isolated, from which BS12 was selected for the further investigation of MFC. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences indicated that strain BS1(2) was affiliated with the genus Oceanobacillus. The experimental results performed that the strain BS1(2) was capable of utilizing organic acids and sugars as electron donors to generate electricity. The MFC was constructed and the electricity generation was measured after various intervals using various parameters, 644mV electricity was generated after 1h, but after 48h the electricity generation dramatically decreases 420mV. The effect of pH on MFC was also studied, pH enhanced electricity (644mV), indicating requirement of pH for bacterium BS12. The present studies, thus serve in finding the proximate values of these course features which basic consequence in optimum bioelectricity generation. Citation: Dhundale V, Hemke V, Desai D, Aher G, Khemchandani P, Dikonda P, et al. Improvement and Stable High Bioelectricity Generation Using Alkaliphilic Oceanobacillus iheyensis BS1(2) in Microbial Fuel Cells and Effect of Different
doi:10.1080/08963570802157198 fatcat:wbzjqpsslzbyvnqx2xsecalooy