A database of multi-channel intramuscular electromyogram signals during isometric hand muscles contractions

Nebojsa Malesevic, Anders Björkman, Gert S. Andersson, Ana Matran-Fernandez, Luca Citi, Christian Cipriani, Christian Antfolk
2020 Scientific Data  
Hand movement is controlled by a large number of muscles acting on multiple joints in the hand and forearm. In a forearm amputee the control of a hand prosthesis is traditionally depending on electromyography from the remaining forearm muscles. Technical improvements have made it possible to safely and routinely implant electrodes inside the muscles and record high-quality signals from individual muscles. In this study, we present a database of intramuscular EMG signals recorded with fine-wire
more » ... lectrodes alongside recordings of hand forces in an isometric setup and with the addition of spike-sorted metadata. Six forearm muscles were recorded from twelve able-bodied subjects and nine forearm muscles from two subjects. The fully automated recording protocol, based on command cues, comprised a variety of hand movements, including some requiring slowly increasing/decreasing force. The recorded data can be used to develop and test algorithms for control of a prosthetic hand. Assessment of the signals was done in both quantitative and qualitative manners.
doi:10.1038/s41597-019-0335-8 pmid:31913289 fatcat:7m2g2watp5fdzkrn3riajzxhw4