Dynamical and transport properties in plasmas including three-particle spatial correlations

Hakima Ababsa, Med Tayeb Meftah, Thouria Chohra
2017 Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics  
In this work, we study the two and triplet static correlation functions in plasma when the ions interact via the Debye screened potential and via the Deutsch screened potential. The latter takes into consideration the possible quantum effects at short distances. The ratio of the mean distance between two ions and the thermal De Broglie wavelength r i =k T gives the measure of these effects. Our investigation is developed in the conditions of weak coupling parameter (C\1). The pair and the
more » ... pair and the triplet correlation functions are calculated numerically and compared to the correlation functions due to the Kirkwood superposition approximation (KSA). Some applications to the ion velocity auto-correlation function D(t) and the electric field auto-correlation function C(t) at an ion (assumed to be an impurity) and the diffusion coefficient D are calculated for the two kinds of potentials in different plasma conditions. The comparison with other results found in the literature shows a well satisfactory agreement, for the static as well as the dynamic properties.
doi:10.1007/s40094-017-0247-y fatcat:bbwo6juelnberfuhvfxjyh66ji