Absorption of charged particles in Perfectly-Matched-Layers by optimal damping of the deposited current [article]

Remi Lehe, Aurore Blelly, Lorenzo Giacomel, Revathi Jambunathan, Jean-Luc Vay
Perfectly-Matched Layers (PML) are widely used in Particle-In-Cell simulations, in order to absorb electromagnetic waves that propagate out of the simulation domain. However, when charged particles cross the interface between the simulation domain and the PMLs, a number of numerical artifacts can arise. In order to mitigate these artifacts, we introduce a new PML algorithm whereby the current deposited by the macroparticles in the PML is damped by an analytically-derived, optimal coefficient.
more » ... e benefits of this new algorithm is illustrated in practical simulations.
doi:10.48550/arxiv.2201.09084 fatcat:qjlav6kdqvegbfkwgf6htn2wke