Ray Dwiki Syahputra
2021 unpublished
The development of the rate of economic growth in a region can be said to be the economic growth that is formed through various types of economic sectors that occur indirectly which describes the occurrence of levels of economic growth. in order to achieve high but stable economic growth, monetary policy is needed. The objective of monetary policy is to achieve and maintain the stability of the rupiah value. This objective is as stated in Law no. 23 of 1999 concerning Bank Indonesia, as amended
more » ... by Law no. 3 of 2004 and Law no. 6 of 2009 in article 7. The purpose of this journal is to know monetary policy from an Islamic perspective. This is interesting to discuss because there are fundamental differences between modern monetary policy and monetary policy in an Islamic economic perspective.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:jftylif77nax3cjhbyebhmqtuu