J. Gabusi
1988 unpublished
The ring and HEBT vacuum sector valves can be operated manually from the AGS Main Control Room and the Siemens Control Room. Figure 1 shows the panel which is located on the control consoles in both locations. _ -Figure 1. Overall interlock and status conditions of the vacuum sectors and valves are indicated by lights on the panel. The vacuum controls equipment is located in three areas consisting of the A10, E18, and H10 Houses. The lights are divided into three groups for the ring, and one
more » ... he ring, and one group for HEBT valves. In the event of a vacuum interlock problem, this will enable the technician to quickly determine which house the valve. control section showing the interlock is located. Liqhts ALL VALVES OPEN. This light indicates that all valves within this control area are open.
doi:10.2172/1151215 fatcat:xfrzdgzydvamnfkkkahyl7type