Running head: ADDRESSING NARCISSISTIC LEADERSHIP THROUGH ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND SYSTEMATIC IMPLEMENATIONS 1 1 Addressing Narcissistic Leadership through Organizational Development and Systematic Implementations

Jose Villarreal
The purpose of this paper is to explore narcissistic leadership and its impact on the organization. Furthermore, this paper proposes two potentially effective approaches in addressing the negative aspects of narcissistic leadership while encouraging its positive effects on organizations. These approaches, which are found in literature, include an organizational development approach as well as an accountability theory approach through systematic organizational controls. Although both of these
more » ... gh both of these approaches provide potentially effective methods in addressing the negative aspects of narcissistic leadership, this paper also proposes that further research is needed on these approaches. This proposal also includes discussions on the positive and negative aspects of narcissistic leadership as well as support for the stance that the negative effects of narcissism can be addressed. In addition, this paper includes biblical support for this proposal through a Christian perspective on the topic of narcissistic leadership.