Space and Place in Sound and Music Studies

Andrew Eisenberg
NYU graduate seminar in music. Music-GA 2199-002. Version: Spring 2017. Course Overview Sound and space are intimately and inextricably linked--perhaps especially when that sound is of the special sort we call "music." In this seminar we will chart a path through the eclectic, multidisciplinary literature on sound and space, by isolating key spatialities that have been explored by scholars in relation to sound and music, such as the virtual, ecology, place, and circulation. We will give special
more » ... emphasis to place, delving deeply into issues of music and emplacement and what Steven Feld has termed the "acoustemology of place." Course assignments will challenge you to engage with theoretical concepts at various levels of abstraction. You will be asked to grapple with philosophical questions of sound, music, space, and place on their own terms, and then to connect these questions to more worldly concerns like climate change, gun violence, or the plight of refugees.
doi:10.17613/m6gd5h fatcat:oiz4cxslt5gknlzehbmauth2bm