Study on Energy Dissipation Law in the Process of Coal and Gas Outburst

Shugang Li, Ning Wang, Tianjun Zhang
2016 Proceedings of the International Conference on Electronics, Mechanics, Culture and Medicine   unpublished
Research from the angle of energy is one of the important way to explore the cause of coal and gas outburst for grasping the law of coal and gas outburst. (Objective): In order to study energy dissipation law in the process of coal and gas outburst. (Methods): Build the relationship between strain and stress of coal and rock according to the physical equations of elastic mechanics, obtain the deformation potential energy of the coal and rock without considering the change of gas pressure and
more » ... perature, establish the practical dynamics equation of gas in coal seams. (Results): The research results show that gas rich coal and rock stores a great deal of deformation energy, adsorption energy of gas adsorbing on coal, gas expansion energy and gas fluid potential energy, etc. (Conclusion): These energy can make coal broken in coal and rock damage fracture process and provide continuous driving energy for coal and gas outburst.
doi:10.2991/emcm-15.2016.136 fatcat:s57hqtlf2vg5botu3fc6oebh5m