A survey on myco-flora of air, book and cabinet of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences Libraries

Mohammad Taghi Hedayati 1, Tahereh Shokohi 2, Sabah Mayahi, Mojtaba Bahoosh3, Iman Haghani 3, Zohreh Saltanatpori 3, Farzaneh Hajjar 3
2007 Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences  
, , , , , (Received 12 Aug, 2008; Accepted 3 Dec, 2008) Abstract Background and purpose: Grown fungi on books can be a risk factor for occupants as well as its known agents of bio-deterioration. Therefore, in this study, we surveyed the myco-flora of air, book and cabinets at Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences Libraries.Material and methods: Opened plates (containing Sabouraud's dextrose agar with chlor-amphenicole media (SC) were used for the isolation of fungi in the air of indoor
more » ... air of indoor environment of libraries. Pleated carpet sterile fragments were used for survey of cabinets and books contamination. Then, these fragments were cultured on SC in laboratory.Results: A total of 939 colonies with 17 genera of fungi were identified from the environment of 4 school libraries at the Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences. The most common fungi isolated were: Penicillium (62.0%), Yeast (13.6%), sterile hyphae (7.6%) and Candida (5.6%). The most number of colonies were isolated from the air. Conclusion: Penicillium, Aspergillus, Alternaria and Stachybotrys were isolated from the libraries. They are considered toxigenic, allergenic, infective and also, as book deterioration agents. J Mazand Univ Med Sci 2008; 18(67):107-110 (Persian)
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