Microwave-Assisted Recycling Process to Recover Fiber from Fiberglass Polyester Composites

Viviane Tavares de Moraes, Luiz Alberto Jermolovicius, Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório, Susana Marraccini Giampietri Lebrão, Guilherme Wolf Lebrão
2019 Materials Research  
Fiberglass/thermoset matrix composite present important properties, such as specific mass and mechanical strength, aiming to replace some engineering materials. However, its mixture of different materials transforms them into an environmental problem, due to the complex recycling process. The highlight is meeting the demands of environmental pressures and for establishing recycling mechanisms, the proposal is to study physical recycling processes, focusing on the microwave-assisted pyrolysis
more » ... sisted pyrolysis process and also recovering fiberglass. The results were: humidity around 3 wt. %; the average loss of mass around 68 wt. %; the tensile strength is reduced by about 76 % when a composite with recycled fiberglass is laminated, as compared to the use of virgin fiberglass. This work establishing the physical recycling mechanism and route for composite materials, identifying the thermal degradation processes, for thus applying them to other materials, still considered environmental issues, technically and economically making these materials manufacturing processes viable, as well as establishing a recycling route.
doi:10.1590/1980-5373-mr-2019-0389 fatcat:h4emhvwasfhx5f5an6kuqoacu4