Experimental Comparison of Heat Transfer in a Down Flow Louvered Fin Auto Radiator using Water, Water and Ethylene Glycol Mixture & Water, Ethylene Glycol and Sugarcane Juice Mixture as Coolants

Swagath Mohan, Kuriakose Jacob, A Nidhin, Binu Varghese, Feizal Fidus
2017 GRD Journals-Global Research and Development Journal for Engineering   unpublished
This study is focused on searching for alternative coolants to improve overall performance of the radiator. To enhance the cooling rate, increasing the surface area by addition of fins was the earliest approach but this approach of increasing heat transfer already reached its limit. Water and water mixed with anti-freezing agents such as ethylene glycol (EG) and propylene glycol (PG) are the traditional coolants for automotive radiator. Recently nano fluid have been proposed as coolant for
more » ... otive radiator. However, operation and long term stability are major challenges for nano fluid. Hence, the search for alternative coolant is not ending. Sugar cane juice, which has very similar freezing and boiling points with water, may be used as an alternative coolant. A study is conducted using sugar cane juice, ethylene glycol and water as coolants, CFD as well as experimental analysis is also done.