Effect of extractives on the physicochemical properties of biomass pellets: Comparison of pellets from extracted and non-extracted sycamore leaves

Jianbiao Liu, Weidong Cheng, Xuya Jiang, Muhammad Usman Khan, Qingfa Zhang, Hongzhen Cai
2019 BioResources  
Physicochemical properties of biomass pellets were compared following their preparation from extracted and non-extracted sycamore leaves. The goal was to achieve high-quality biomass pellets. Batches of pellets were prepared at different moisture contents and pressure. The properties, including pellet density, diametric compressive strength, and combustion performance, were analyzed. Pellets produced from extracted leaves had higher pellet density (between 1125 and 1250 kg·m-3) compared to
more » ... made from non-extracted leaves. In addition, data of the combustion experiment showed more weight loss in extracted leaves' pellets and a higher burning rate (9.54%·min-1) than that of non-extracted leaves' pellets (8.47%·min-1). Also, the pellets made from extracted leaves could be ignited and burned easily compared to non-extracted leaves. However, the diametric compressive strength was not always higher in extracted leaves' pellets compared to non-extracted. In general, it was concluded that extraction could increase the pellet density and improve combustion performance but did not fit the purpose to increase the diametric compressive strength. The analysis and conclusions can provide a reference for the production of high-quality biomass pellets.
doi:10.15376/biores.15.1.544-556 fatcat:feforkznnndpph64gqf7zzzhta