Dnipropetrovsk Institute of Social Education

Varfolomii S. Savchuk, Nadiia M. Kushlakova, Olha L. Ryabchenko
2020 Universum Historiae et Archeologiae  
The aim of the article is to illuminate the process of the emergence and activities of the Dnipropetrovsk Institute of Social Education, to provide a detailed picture of the transformations occurred in it, to find out the fate of this institution and its influence on the resumption of the activities of the Dnipropetrovsk State University. Research methods: analytic-synthetic, historical-chronological, comparative-historical, logical. The main results and scientific novelty: for the first time
more » ... e main components and consequences of the activity of the Dnipropetrovsk Institute of Social Education for a short time of its existence have been considered in detail. The dynamics of changes in staff and students of the Institute has been analyzed, the factors influenced these changes have been clarified. Practical value: systematic factual base for comparative analysis of activity and further development and transformations of the Institutes of Social Education of Ukraine and analysis of statistics of their staff and student body have been created in the process of the research. Originality of research is based on a wide range of sources used and their and their analytic-synthetic processing. Article type: theoretical research. Main results. We consider the problematic issues related to the education and activities of Dnipropetrovsk Institute of Social Education. The composition of the institute departments in the study period is clarified, its quantitative and subject dynamics are shown. The introductory campaigns to Dnipropetrovsk (Novomoskovsk) Institute of Social Education have been systematically studied. The dynamics of quantitative changes in the composition of freshmen in the years 1930-1933 is investigated. and the student contingents as a whole. The statistical data on the distribution of first-year students by gender, social status, nationality, party membership and LCYU are given and analyzed. The dynamics of transformational reformations caused by the relocation of the Dnipropetrovsk Institute of Social Education to Novomoskovsk was studied. The influence of transformational reformations on the personnel and student staff of Dnipropetrovsk Institute of Social Education is considered. The contingents of students of the day-time and evening department of the Working Faculty by the DISЕ and the base of their replenishment are determined. The data on the professorial staff of the Dnipropetrovsk Institute of Social Education at the time of its transformation to Novomoskovsk are given and the factors that influenced the decision of the overwhelming majority of professors to remain in Dnipropetrovsk are analyzed. The conclusion is made about the expediency of changing the institute location and its influence on the further institute development.
doi:10.15421/26190110 fatcat:s6bfunstmrbf7naqhl7fmdl63a