MANIFESTO 2005 WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK UK Independence Party UK Independence Party Dear voter

Ukip Leader, Roger Knapman
The UK Independence Party exists because none of the old political parties are prepared to accept that the real government of Britain is now in Brussels. Our purpose is to restore the authority for governing Britain to our elected parliament in Westminster-hardly an unreasonable position. To bring this about we must withdraw Britain from the European Union. People sometimes tell me that UKIP is a single-issue party. The point is that the single issue of freeing Britain from the EU overrides all
more » ... he EU overrides all others-no other issues can be properly addressed while we remain in the EU. For instance, we are no longer free to choose our own policy on asylum seekers because this is now subject to EU directives. None of us in UKIP see ourselves as politicians. Our members are people from all backgrounds who feel deeply what the majority of British people feel-that it is not right to have our country run by institutions across the Channel. We are not anti-European; we just believe the best people to run Britain are the British, and this manifesto outlines our policies in the areas that are of most concern. It sets out our core values and explains our vision of a post-EU, deregulated, prosperous free-trading Britain. In the June 2004 euro-election, 2.6 million people voted UKIP-more than for the LibDems and more than half the numbers that voted Labour or Tory. This was an immense expression of confidence in an independent Britain, free from the European Union. It was a massive demonstration of distrust of the politicians of the old parties. Please help us to take this success through to the general election. I urge you to vote for us and elect UKIP members to our national parliament. This will be the most spectacular milestone along the road to rebuilding a prosperous independent Britain. A vote for any other party will be a wasted vote-it will merely continue our subservience to Brussels. Yours sincerely Roger Knapman MEP Leader, UK Independence Party