George A. Cornish B.A.
1906 Contributions to Canadian Biology and Fisheries  
en A. Conursu, 8.L., Uniaers,itg of Toronto. 'I'he following observations were made during the months of July and August, some years ago. Most of the material was obtained from the fishermen. The trawls of hooks at Tignish are set several fathoms from the bottom and thus the skates and other useless bottom-fishes are not captured. Some specimens were taken near the beach in the dip-net, some were speared,.others were caught on hooks while fishing from the wharf. 'Ihe ponds and streams along the
more » ... coast also supplied some specimens. I cantrot expr'ess too strongly my thanks to Mr. F. A. Larkin for the great asslstance he gave me in the work. 7. Petromgzon m,arinus, Linnreus.-The common lamprey is ,often found attached to the mackerel. fts average lerr,gthis 26 cm-2, Squalus acanthias, Linnaus.-At I'ignish the picked dogfish js very common and extremely destructive. It appears about the end of July and remains until the end of the fishing season in the autumn. It is noticed on the east a few days before it reaches the west coast. As a resu-tt of its appearance fishing for co,j may often cease entirely early in August. The trawls of hooks are set for cod at night and when raisecl in the morning sometimes every fish has been devoured by this-pest, only the head and vertebral column remaining on the hook. The females were generally gravid, containing.four or fi"ve well developed embryos about 15 cm. long. 3. Raja ocellata, Mitchill.-This skate is caught very oommonly on the set trawl of hooks, it is also seen swimming within a few feet of the beach, and is o{ten speared from wharfs. The number o{ teeth varies considerably. One 61.5 cm. long had the following tooth formula: 95/92, a mele 47.6 cm. long had a tooth formula: 68/69, and a female of the same length : 68/72. 4, Raja loea,i,s, MitdJnill.-The barndoor. skate is very common at Tignish. ft .is cauglrt on the set trawl of hooks, 'I'he specimens at this locality have dark spots.each with a ring of a lighter colour and not light spots ringeiL with darker shade as described by Drs. Jordan and Evermann. 6. AnguNLa chrysEgta, Ilafinesque.-'I'he common eel is found in the sea and in ponds of fresh and brackish water. Occasionally it is taken on the hook by boys fishing from .the wharf for smelt. 61 Clugtea harengusn Linneus.-'l'he common herring is iaken in large quantities by means of gill nets. It is salted and during the summer is used for rnackerel bait. ft is. not shipped to any extent. 7" Salaelinus fontinali.s, Mitchill.-The brook trout is abundant in the small streams of fresh and salt water. Seventy were caught by one sportsman in a couple of dayq* The spots were lacking and the bright colouring harl almost entirely disappeared from the speeimers eaught at I'ignish, 3138-6+ Contrib. Can. Biol. Fish. Downloaded from by University of British Columbia on 12/10/14 For personal use only.
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