Evaluation of Air Jet Erosion Profiles in Metal Oxide Based Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalyst Materials

Y Nandakishora, C D Madhusoodana, S Rajath, R S Vijayakumar
2017 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
To achieve the new environmental norms to control the NOx emission, retrofitting of existing thermal power plant with SCR catalyst materials are very much necessary. A reduction in the amount of nitrogen oxides being discharged into the atmosphere as combustion gases can be achieved by SCR catalysts. To confirm the mechanical strength and other required properties, erosion tests need to be carried to predict the life of the catalyst material in the specific application. Our results reveal that,
more » ... the erosion of catalyst sample is minimum for lower angles of impact of abrasives and vice versa, the mass loss in catalysts increases with increase in velocity of impacts, catalyst mass loss is found to be maximum when lower sized particles hit the catalyst material and vice versa.
doi:10.17577/ijertv6is060150 fatcat:z7qr6aku2bhl5ntguunbawjuwq