Eponimy wśród neologizmów współczesnej polszczyzny

Małgorzata Witaszek-Samborska
2006 Białostockie Archiwum Językowe  
The article presents eponyms, that is words created from proper nouns, within neologisms that occur in contemporary Polish language. Over 420 eponyms excerpted from the lexicon New Polish Vocabulary. Materials from the Press of 1993 – 2000 edited by Teresa Smolkowa (Krakow 2004-2006) provide material basis of the article. Its author shows eponyms present in all types of neologisms – amongst word forming constructions, borrowings, neo-semanticisms and neo-phraseologisms. Moreover, she analyzes
more » ... rticipation of individual onims (antroponims, geonims, ideonims etc.) as basis of apellativization procedures
doi:10.15290/baj.2006.06.13 fatcat:ndfrx7cr6rhb7nfmy7a3wyha5u