Possible influence of the ionosphere on the impedance of a ground-based antenna

James R. Wait
1962 Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards Section D Radio Propagation  
Contribution from Ce ntral Radio Propagation La boratory, National Bureau of Standar ds, Boulde r, Colo. (R eceived Ap ril 12, 1962) The analysis for t h e impedance of a vertical electric dipole in the presence of an isotr opic and homogeneo us condu cting half-space is prese nted . Vario us a p proac hes to t he problem are t h en b ri efly compared and some n umerical results are presented in grap hi cal form . T he extensions to an an isotrop ic half-space are also considered. Finall y, t
more » ... dipole is located in t he space between a homogeneous ground and a shar ply bou nded ionosphere. It is co ncluded t hat the presence of the ionosphere has a negligible efIect on the impedance of a grou nd-based antenna unless the frequency is less than 1,000 cis or so.
doi:10.6028/jres.066d.055 fatcat:w6toc7u5ardtvepiudq6mzq2xq