IntelliScan, real-time scan waveform correction for dose uniformity on extreme photoresist implant conditions with optima XEx

Shu Satoh, Jonathan David
To take full advantage of the high beam current capability of the Optima XEx on photoresist implants, a new, real-time uniformity correction scheme, IntelliScan, was developed. IntelliScan compensates for the dose asymmetry in beam-scan direction developed by charge exchange reactions due to severe photoresist outgassing. It continuously modifies the 1 KHz beam-scan waveform in real-time, according to instantaneous vacuum level in the angle corrector area. Since IntelliScan does not involve any
more » ... extra steps in wafer handling, such as alternating 180° twist on every pass, high wafer throughput and implant angle integrity can be maintained throughout the entire implant process. This paper will describe the IntelliScan system and its performance on photoresist implants under extreme beam power conditions.
doi:10.1063/1.4766549 fatcat:iop7dsgsvjbphfukzxh26zarna