Efficacy of 1-MCP for Modulating the Ethylene Sensitivity of Japanese Persimmon in Relation with Internal Structure

2018 Environment Control in Biology  
The efficacy of 1-MCP in modulating the ethylene sensitivity of Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki) in terms of thermal and structural properties was investigated at 0 and 25 . X-ray computed tomography was employed to quantify the structural properties. The physicochemical properties were measured destructively and correlated with X-ray image properties. 1-MCP satisfactorily suppressed the ethylene sensitivity in terms of bio-yield stress, L * , and hue angle value at both temperatures. The
more » ... nges in porosity and thermal conductivity in 1-MCP-treated fruit were smaller than those in control and ethylene-treated fruit. The histogram profile also shifted slightly to a high-density region in 1-MCP-treated fruit. The L * value, hue angle, apparent density, moisture content, bio-yield stress, and TSS were highly correlated with average CT value and standard deviation at both temperatures. Thus, X-ray CT images could be used to quantify the thermal and structural properties, and 1-MCP could suppress the ethylene sensitivity of Japanese persimmon stored at 0 and 25 for 8 and 1 weeks, respectively.
doi:10.2525/ecb.56.177 fatcat:q2ts5gwyevfuhhjxrsykjrrpqe