Preparation and Evaluation on Paracetamol Tablets Using Goatskin Gelatin as a New Binder [post]

Zilhadia Zilhadia, Shoffiya Amaliya, Yuni Anggraeni, Vivi Anggia, Yahdiana Harahap
2021 unpublished
Halal gelatin extracted from goatskin could be used as a new excipient in pharmaceutical dosage forms. This study was to determine the potency of gelatin extracted from goatskin as a binder on paracetamol tablets using wet granulation process with 2, 3 and 4% concentration ranges. As a comparison, tablets were formulated using bovine gelatin at the same concentration level. The results showed that weight variation, thickness uniformity and hardness value have met the requirements. Here, the
more » ... ents. Here, the paracetamol tablets using goatskin gelatin as a binder had better friability value, faster disintegration time and easier dissolution than the comparison (p < 0.05). Comparative test result showed increasing the concentration of gelatine caused the hardness value to go up, the disintegration time to take longer, and the tablet friability value to decrease (p < 0.05). The best tablets were produced with the 3% concentration of goatskin gelatine with the following evaluation results: the hardness value of 15.07 ± 0.67 Kp, the disintegration time of 3.71 ± 1.00 minutes and the friability value of 0.62% ± 0.89 respectively. The concentration of paracetamol in the 30th-minute dissolution test was equal to 99.78 ± 0.94%. The goatskin gelatin was very promising as a good binder using the wet granulation process.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:fmgkl5ctbvcdpnqg4cgaomzc2u