Criterion assessment of soil transport structure stability

Nikolay Gorshkov, Svetlana Zhdanova, Mikhail Krasnov, Yuan Czinven, S. Kudryavtsev, C. Yoo, A. Zhussupbekov
2019 MATEC Web of Conferences  
This paper considers features in forming stress -strain state (SSS) and stability of soil transport structures (cut and embankment) on the basis of calculation with the certified finite element method (FEM) GenIDE32. Numerical calculations make it possible to see the whole process of modeling organization of a soil structure: places where "plasticity" zones appear and develop, gradual formation of a landslide body. The analysis of SSS uses graphs of changes of SSS trajectories in the space of
more » ... variants of stress tensor σij and relative deformations εij in important nods and finite elements located at the sliding lines. At each step of modeling stability of depression or embankment is evaluated. Many signs indicate the termination of the landslide body formation. Noted in figures and graphs evolution of a landslide prism allows one to understand where the system is from the condition at which the landslide body formed: kstmin=1,00±0,02≈[kst]=1,00.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201926504008 fatcat:jmq7ozaefrbrjdi33u6dfyfk2i