Smart Automation Gas Level Monitoring with Gas Leakage Deduction and Refill Booking using Embedded System

Prof. M. Joe Marshell, S. Shanthini
2017 International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development  
A main aim of this project is to monitor for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) leakage to avoid fire accidents providing house safety feature where security has been an important issue. The most common experienced in our day-to-day lives that is regarding GAS leakage system. When it comes it to safety of the surrounding as well as gas container we have an MQ-5(gas sensor), which will detect the gases by propane, butane, carbon monoxide, smoke etc. The system detects the leakage of LPG using gas
more » ... f LPG using gas sensor and when the system detects the LPG concentration in the air exceeds the certain level then it immediately takes action by automatically. Thus here we are using the gas sensor which place leak points, which senses the concentration gases such as propane, butane, smoke, alcohol mono-oxide etc. and when the concentration value exceeds the normal value the leakage of gas is detected, and alert system used by buzzer a automatically open the windows prevent accidents. The gas sensor has been used which has high sensitivity to gases like propane and butane. When the concentration of LPG in air exceeds a certain level, the sensor senses the gas leakage and the output of the sensor goes LOW. The detection is done by the gas sensor, through the microcontroller the LED and buzzer are turned ON simultaneously. Using relay DC motor is automatically open the windows.
doi:10.31142/ijtsrd4666 fatcat:s7t6fbwyf5flxkac6ml7xc7ucy