SPECIAL TOPICS: Land–Atmosphere Interaction of the Tibetan Plateau

2020 National Science Review  
GUEST EDITORIAL 485 (3) Land-air coupling over the Tibetan Plateau and its climate impacts Guoxiong Wu RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS 486 (3) Progress in climate modeling of precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau Qing Bao and Jian Li 487 (3) Lightning and deep convective activities over the Tibetan Plateau PERSPECTIVES 489 (3) Attribution of the Tibetan Plateau to northern drought INTERVIEW 553 (3) The energy and water cycles under climate change Qingyun Duan and Anmin Duan Convergent Adaptive Evolution
more » ... EST EDITORIAL 945 (6) Convergent adaptive evolution-how common, or how rare? PERSPECTIVES 1116 (7) On game-based control systems and beyond (11) Hierarchically porous monoliths based on low-valence transition metal (Cu, Co, Mn) oxides: gelation and phase separation Xuanming Lu, Kazuyoshi Kanamori and Kazuki Nakanishi REVIEWS 1667 (11) Hierarchically structured porous materials: synthesis strategies and applications in energy storage Potential-tuned selective electrosynthesis of azoxy-, azo-and amino-aromatics over a CoP nanosheet cathode
doi:10.1093/nsr/nwaa300 pmid:34691534 pmcid:PMC8294350 fatcat:boict7op25divm3rtpz56besmq