Учет и анализ финансовых результатов организации (на примере АО «Арсенал-2»)

Светлана Соколова, экономики и торговли менеджмента, Юлия Дуболазова, Ирина Томшинская
The object of the study is "Arsenal-2". The purpose of the final qualifying work is a deep study of accounting, the formation of financial results, as well as their analysis on the example of the organization of "Arsenal-2" with the development of appropriate recommendations for their improvement. An analysis of the financial results of "Arsenal-2" and identified the weaknesses of the company. Conducted horizontal and vertical analysis of financial results, analysis of the dynamics of profit
more » ... namics of profit indicators of the enterprise. Calculated indicators of liquidity, financial stability and profitability. Recommendations were made to improve the accounting of financial results at "Arsenal-2", which were expressed in breaking up a large complex of construction and installation works into smaller stages for the purpose of tax benefit. A factor analysis of net profit. And a way to reduce the cost of sales.
doi:10.18720/spbpu/3/2019/vr/vr19-2392 fatcat:ehlzkek7wne55hexmyq7t2bna4