Lost town [thesis]

Gary Dean Engle
Lost Town is a darkly comedic fiction novel focusing on various characters within a small town as they try to grapple with the town's troubled and often bloody history. The novel follows several different character threads, all set in motion by the town council's decision to sacrifice a virgin to an ancient evil. The town council, who include a puritanical college dean, a barkeeper who does not look his age, a police officer with questionable morals, and a bishop who has accidently summoned a
more » ... mon, each scheme to create a different future for town. But meanwhile, the town has its own ideas, as children disappear, love turns to murder, and Glenage DeRyan, the worst playwright in the world, attempts to perform his magnum opus. The novel uses the heightened unreality of Gothic fantasy and humor to critique small town Americana, commenting on the nature of civic duty, the whitewashing of history, the collective culpability of the average citizen, the challenges of tradition, and the need for truly terrible theatrical productions. 2019 Speculative Fiction Class. Of course, I also have to thank my mother for the room and board and support, and my father's ghost, who I think would have grudgingly read the book even though, "It's not really my thing." Finally, I would like to thank Chris Muhlenkamp, the first reader for this. Without him, this book would either not exist, and these horrible ideas would have to go elsewhere. v TABLE OF CONTENTS PRELUDE: LIGHTED SNAPSHOTS .
doi:10.46569/20.500.12680/p5547x95f fatcat:3hvcnm6zzfap3gv6ghe26rk54m