A single-stage cleaner production system with waste management, reworking, preservation technology, and partial backlogging under inflation

Pankaj Bhatnagar, Satish Kumar, Dharmendra Yadav
2022 Reserche operationelle  
Waste management and reworking are very crucial issues in the cleaner production system. The adaptation of preservation mechanism in inventory control is also a key aspect from an economic and environmental point of view. In the current study, an inventory model for a cleaner production system is modelled considering all these practical issues and inflation. Deterioration process takes place in the production system. In the model, market demand is viewed sales team efforts and selling price
more » ... ndent. Here, rate of production along with the unit production cost are taken as variables. An investment in preservation technology is made with the goal to lower the percentage of defective products. Further, partial backordering is considered. In order to demonstrate the model, numerical example is provided. A Hessian matrix is used to establish the concavity of the objective function. A theoretical result is provided to obtain the concavity of the objective function. Sensitivity analysis along with managerial implications is also provided in the manuscript. Results indicate that by implementing high-efficiency preservation technology, the detrimental effects of deterioration on profit can be mitigated. Due to this, 1.6% rise in profit is observed. Thus, selection of right preservation technology is crucial for both financial and environmental sustainability. In addition to this, higher reworking rates and capital investment in quality improvement result in high profit for the system.
doi:10.1051/ro/2022202 fatcat:4tkvlpaxrbhl3iipcrhgztgfyy