Khả năng tác động trên tăng trọng và phòng bệnh cho vịt của lá Xuân hoa (Pseuderanthemum palatiferum)

Huỳnh Kim Diệu, Đàm Thùy Nga
2018 Can Tho University Journal of Science  
To evaluate the effect ofPseuderanthemum palatiferum on growth performance andpreventing duck's diseases, P. palatiferum leaf powder (LP) form was mixed in feed. A total of180 Cherry Valley supper meatducks at the age of 10 days were used in theexperiment concluding 4 treatments: control (noLP), three other treatments were prepared by addition of 1.8gLP/kgdiets (treatment1), 2.4gLP/kg diets (treatment2), and 3.0g LP/kg diets (treatment3). After 30 experimental days, the results showed that LP
more » ... th the dosage of2.4gLP/kg diets was the most effective with respect to growth rate (47.4 g/duck/day), followed by3.0gLP/kg diets(45.8g/duck/day), 2.0gLP/kg diets (39.7 g/duck/day) and the lowest at control (37g/duck/day). The survival rate was lowest in the control (82.2%),subsequently in treatment 1 (93.3%)andtreatment2 (95.6%)and the highest in treatment3 (97.8%). The dosages of2.4g and 3gLP/kg diets were also the most effective with respect to the number of erythrocytes, packed blood cell volume and mean cell volume. After 30 days of mixing LP in feed, no lesion in duck's livers and duck's kidneys was found in treatment 3. It is concluded that using of Pseuderanthemum palatiferumLPin the dietsisuseful in growth performance of ducks, prevention of duck's diseases and shows no toxicity.
doi:10.22144/ctu.jsi.2018.061 fatcat:pijzx47ppnfqlek7kr2onrdth4