Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients

1991 The Journal of the Chugoku-Shikoku Orthopaedic Association  
Three patients on chronic hemodialysis developed carpal tunnel syndrome were reported. The disease was found in the side of the arterio-venous fistula in one patient and the opposite side in two patients. Operations were carried out because of severe symptom. The duration of hemodialysis at the time of the operation was 12 years on an average, ranging from six years to 16 years. At surgery, the median nerve was found to be compressed under the thickened flexor retinaculum in all cases. In the
more » ... rpal tunnel, there found grayish synovial proliferation adhered to median nerves. The histological examination of flexor retinaculum, synovial membrane and epineurium of the median nerve obtained at the operation revealed amyloid deposits. Surgical decompression of the median nerve at the wrist resulted in the immediate relief of the symptom.
doi:10.11360/jcsoa1989.3.323 fatcat:ajmkytz64vb55nxyr6niewzti4