Research on the Contents and Development Mode about the Intensive Urbanization

Shulian Wu
2010 Asian Social Science  
In this paper, the process of urbanization in the current one-sided pursuit of quantity and speed of urbanization, ignoring the inherent quality of urbanization, from the perspective of the development of intensive urbanization, proposed intensive urbanization ideas: From the agglomeration of population, space intensive, industrial clusters defined in terms of the connotation of intensive urbanization; Based on resource-saving, environment friendly, cost-effective development goals of the
more » ... goals of the intensive urbanization, proposed the typical pattern of intensive urbanization, that is the pattern of urbanization and land-based, ecological patterns of urbanization, urban cluster model. Since China's reform and opening-up, urbanization has made remarkable achievements. Particularly since 2000, urbanization status was enhanced in the preparation of development plans in the region to vigorously promote the process of urbanization as an important strategy for economic development. However, with the effects of traditional urbanization modes, urbanization is simply equated with the increasing in the number of cities, expansion of urban scale, population urbanization rate and urban economic growth and pursue the speed of urbanization and neglect the Internal quality, which led to inefficient use of urban resources and even a waste of energy, worsening pollution, the low level of public services, social justice can not guarantee and a series of outstanding problems. In order to achieve economic, social, coordination of resources and the environment, and promote the healthy development of urbanization, this paper presents a new type of urban development model that is intensive urbanization patterns.
doi:10.5539/ass.v6n6p99 fatcat:y3vfzn56b5ebtduwxsfgrl7fai