Photonic Band Gap Analysis of Silicon Photonic-Crystal Slab Structures with Non-Circular Air Holes

L. Kassa-Baghdouche
2020 Acta Physica Polonica. A  
In the present study, analysis of photonic band gap properties of silicon photonic crystal slab structures composed of non-circular air holes was performed. In order to estimate the design of the optogeometrical parameters for maximizing the photonic band gap, three structures have been proposed and analyzed in the present study. These three structures comprised elliptical, rectangular, and hexagonal air holes in a triangular lattice. The band diagrams of electromagnetic waves and photonic band
more » ... s and photonic band gap properties of the proposed structures were determined using three-dimensional supercell plane-wave expansion method. The results obtained indicated that the photonic band gaps for the transverse electric polarized modes were larger for the structure composed of hexagonal air holes, while the photonic band gaps were low for the structures composed of elliptical and rectangular air holes. Furthermore, it was demonstrated that the photonic band gaps of the proposed structures are altered with variation in the rotation angle of their constituent air holes. These findings suggested that the proposed silicon photonic crystal slab structures presented significantly large photonic band gaps, and therefore, served as a promising technology platform for designing photonic crystal cavities and waveguides. topics: photonic crystal slab (PhC), non-circular air holes, photonic band gap, 3D supercell plane-wave expansion method
doi:10.12693/aphyspola.138.421 fatcat:xayvjoesyjdr5p4xeg6lhvut7a