Research on the Reform and Innovation of "Internet + Higher Education"

Xue Yang
2019 Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Education Reform and Social Sciences (ERSS 2019)   unpublished
Internet technology innovation, the Internet began to spread to various industries and fields, "Internet +" affects people's way of life and knowledge system structure. In the era of "Internet +", it is of great significance to explore and utilize the value contained in data, to achieve innovation in higher education, and to promote the integration of "Internet +" and higher education. Since the birth of the Internet, it has been inseparable from education. Internet education has developed
more » ... has developed through PC Internet, mobile Internet and Internet +. Nowadays, in the era of "Internet +", traditional industries have made use of and combined with mobile Internet technology, cloud computing mode, big data technology and Internet of things technology according to their own circumstances. Industry or create new industries. "Internet +" thinking and technology are constantly merging in all walks of life. The effective integration of "Internet +" and higher education is an inevitable trend. "Internet + education" can be said to be the upgrading of educational informatization. This "+" is not simply adding or linking, but using information technology and the Internet platform to integrate the Internet and traditional education deeply, infiltrate and influence each other, and change the traditional education by using the thinking mode of the Internet. The content, methods and ways should be reengineered to create a new ecology for the development of Internet education. The combination of Internet and education has produced a series of information-based educational products, such as Mu-class, micro-class and micro-class. Flipped classroom, open education resources, online courses, combined with big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality technology and other new Internet technologies, promoted the "Internet + education" new ecological development, supported the "Internet + education" new teaching mode, and encouraged the "Internet + education" action. Shi. Reform and Innovation of "Internet + Higher Education" The big data, cloud computing, the promotion of "Internet + higher education", the development of big data, cloud computing and other new generation Internet technologies have profoundly changed the world, changed the way of operation of all walks of life, and brought great changes to the educational sector. We should actively develop "Internet + higher education", strengthen the building of educational informatization infrastructure, strengthen the overall planning of educational informatization, expand the coverage of high-quality educational resources by using big data, cloud
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.191206.027 fatcat:pq6jyyhzm5gzlah3br22xwqpua