The Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, January 22, 1913] [article]

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NANAIMO P .««.o-.». c-...-NANAIMO, BRITISH COLUMBIA, WEDNESDAY.' jAtlrAaV li m3 . n s mirT* Victori., Jrt. «a.-Hol«kn« , -.. ^.-T,oiain« ine in thtlr ciu»llflc«tioi« fur the ik»i-■" «« .tie»U«> of jnu-lUiD-nt fur ov-Ooni, aiM br them. It w«. . con-» two hou«. Sir Hich^M McHrWe. I4cuu", t«ti.nuny to th. chnrwctor " *»>o cliUm-IV-rter. wpMou to tho oppoolUon, "< the *rvU» th.t the ^ov-'^"t to i ermrwt chirin* its tm venm tennm **** eopecin*-i , of office, had not bem oWl«d't din-'«»« !>«««*' ^
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