Stem cells in three-dimensional bioprinting: Future perspectives

Jameel Osborne, Jessica Bs, Reetish Hs, Pawan Singal, Phd Faha, Faha Fiacs
2015 Curr Res Cardiol   unpublished
193 J Osborne, J Hellein, R Singla, PK Singal, DK Singla. Stem cells in three-dimensional bioprinting: Future perspectives. Curr Res Cardiol 2015;2(4):193-196. Three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting is a new technology used to create biological constructs, widening the scope of regenerative and therapeutic medicine. Stem cells are self-renewing, remain undifferentiated unless stimulated and have the capability to differentiate into all specialized cell types. These characteristics make stem cells
more » ... s make stem cells ideal for use in the production of 3D printed constructs. A biological construct is composed of cells in a scaffold that is compatible, biomimics and can integrate in vivo. Biological structures generated using 3D bioprinting have the potential to alleviate the need for donor tissue and organs for transplantation. Additionally, these constructs also provide a better way to model disease and test pharmaceuticals .