Calcaneal spurs in North India

G Gindha, S Kaushal, H Kaur, M Singh, Singh Gurbachan, Gindha, Manjit Singh, Head
2015 Human Biology Review   unpublished
The calcaneal spurs are the most common cause of pain in heel. The pain appears when patient stands on the foot for walking and pain disappears when patient walks some distance. The most common causes of spur formation is chronic fasciitis, wears and tears of ligaments and fascia present in the sole of foot. When the fasciitis heals, during the healing process the calcification of fascia or ligaments takes place, which results into the spur formation. The present study has been conducted on 325
more » ... en conducted on 325 dry human calcanei, irrespective of their sex, in the Department of Anatomy of M. M. Medical College and Hospital, Kumarhatti, District Solan (Himachal Pradesh). The objective of this study is to assess the rate of incidence of the presence of spurs in the calcanei and their types present in these calcanei. The photographs of all types of calcaneal spurs are taken and recorded and the study is compared with the standard literature and previous studies done by other authors. Out of 325 calcanei, 150 (35.38 %) cases are having inferior, posterior calcaneal spurs. In 28 (8.62 %) cases both types of spurs have been found. Other calcanei are having either inferior or posterior calcaneal spurs. The inferior spurs are more common on right and left side i.e out of 325 cases 75 (23.08 %) cases, and posterior spurs found in 40 (12,31 %) cases, respectively. In 2 (0.61 %) cases a scale type of spurs was present which was attached in the middle of the inferior surface of the calcanei and their anterior ends are free, sharp and pointing forwards. These observations are definitely helpful to the orthopedician, traumatologist and surgeons in their diagnosis and treatment.