Experimental research on influence of functional parameters of combined installations designed at separating the impurities out of cereal seeds

Carmen Brăcăcescu, Ioan Ţenu, Costin Mircea, George Bunduchi, G.P. Negreanu, N.V. Vlăduţ
2019 E3S Web of Conferences  
The paper presents the experimental installation, the methodology and measuring apparatus used for experimental research of qualitative indexes of impurities separation out of grain seeds for combined separating systems (according to specific weight and aerodynamic properties of seeds). The experimental installation used was composed of a gravimetric separator with mechanical shaker with unbalanced masses (mounted on the platform working surface) and an aspiration installation with fan. The
more » ... rimental research has aimed at quantitative and qualitative influence on separation quality index of the following operating parameters: material flow rate of shaking separator, the air flow of aspiration installation, tilting work surface, work surface oscillation amplitude. Based on data obtained by measurements and qualitative indicators the separating process indexes have been determined, namely: degree of impurities separation, degree of good seeds loss, as well as, the separation quality index for different types of combinations of separation installation parameters.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/201911203004 fatcat:26xqvokolrgwpeylaacsdlioyy