Motorsport Driver Workload Estimation in Dual Task Scenario A Methodology for Assessing Driver Workload in a Racing Simulator

Luca Baldisserri, Riccardo Bonetti, Francesco Pon, Direzione Gestione, Sportiva -Ferrari Driver, Academy Ferrari, Leandro Guidotti, Maria Losi, Roberto Montanari, Francesco Tesauri, Simona Collina
The study aims to define a methodology to assess driver workload by means of a racing simulator applying the dual task paradigm. The experimental plan consists of a series of secondary tasks (i.e., math calculation, imaginative, monitoring and communication tasks) to be performed in a driving simulated context. The preliminary results evidenced that the methodology is a fundamental step forward in order to improve driving abilities of young professional drivers. The described methodology puts
more » ... methodology puts the basis for the definition of training programmes for managing high workload racing situations.