Object Re-Identification Based on Deep Learning [chapter]

Xiying Li, Zhihao Zhou
2019 Visual Object Tracking in the Deep Neural Networks Era [Working Title]  
With the explosive growth of video data and the rapid development of computer vision technology, more and more relevant technologies are applied in our real life, one of which is object re-identification (Re-ID) technology. Object Re-ID is currently concentrated in the field of person Re-ID and vehicle Re-ID, which is mainly used to realize the cross-vision tracking of person/vehicle and trajectory prediction. This chapter combines theory and practice to explain why the deep network can
more » ... network can reidentify the object. To introduce the main technical route of object Re-ID, the examples of person/vehicle Re-ID are given, and the improvement points of existing object Re-ID research are described separately.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.86564 fatcat:uzv4zeatp5a4hayryjwgtzu2o4