Basalt reservoir in the Yurihara Oil and Gas Field, northeast Japan

Mitsuru Inaba
2001 Journal of the Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology  
The primary reservoir of the Yurihara Oil and Gas Field, Akita, Japan, is basaltic rock, named •gthe Yurihara Basalt•h that erupted onto the deep sea floor during the Middle Miocene. the 2000 JAPT Geology and Exploration Symposium entitled Technology for prediction of reservoir distribution and property in petroleum exploration and development ,held in Niigata, Japan, May 24, 2000. **石 油 資 源 開 発(株)Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.
doi:10.3720/japt.66.56 fatcat:uof6y4hggvehpcerzyz36osvhy