The Practice of Producing Game in Higher Education and its Significance

2006 Journal of the Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education  
The justification for existence of college physical education is beginning to be asked with the change of higher education. The college physical education should support the academic ability for reforming sport culture, and should offer the educational contents reflecting individuality of each university. This essay examines what kind of meaning the production practice of a game can have in sport education. In practice of the production of a game, greater importance is attached than to learning
more » ... ed than to learning which studies sport rules to supporting creativity. This practice consists of a series of procedure that students share the idea of the rule by participants (stimulus of divergent thinking), and they draw the correction rules for the game from practice of it (stimulus of convergent thinking). When devising a game, it is important to recognize the characteristic of the game well and to employ the feature efficiently. From the impression by the students who participated in this practice, the importance of considering from trial and error, two or more opinions and positions, or the concern about the cultural side of sport was shown. Moreover, it became clear that aiming at communication in the case of producing game played an important role in evoking creativity. It was shown that this point was also significant to higher education.
doi:10.9772/jpspe1979.28.51 fatcat:cffgvpodrrh2bg7653kw5hoo5a