1SQ-05 Anchors and Cavities in Protein Recognition(1SQ Israel-Japan Joint Symposium on Biophysics "Protein Dynamics: From single molecules to whole cell",The 49th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan)

Miriam Eisenstein
2011 Seibutsu Butsuri  
and the run iength ef singTe motecu]es ofdynein-1 and kinein-1 were affected by other motor molccules which are walking or sitting en the same microtubute. The behaviors of motoi molecules suggest the inteTaction bctween multip]e motors and the features may reflect the dynamics ofcargo trafficking within the cell, ISQ-03 Structure and lntermolecu]ar interactions of bio-molecular seltLassemblies Uri Raviv (7he Hebrew Uhiversity ofJkiusatem} Undcrstanding of supramolccular structures of
more » ... es, their dynamics and roles at the molecular level rcquires know]edge of the chemistry of the proteins or lipids involved and their interactions. This knowlcdge is emerging from solution × -ray scattering methods that arc non-illvasive and do not require crystalline samp]es, thus offering unique advantages fbr studying pTetcinprotein and proteinlipid interactions. The structural resolution, although ]ower than the erystallographic level, is surucient for most investigations, where the focus is on the association of proteins andfor lipids to form higheT order cemplexes under various solution conditions.
doi:10.2142/biophys.51.s13_3 fatcat:wtyc7b2xfva67mvvgtjnf5qtvy