Michael Cooke

1873 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
May Io, i873.] THIE BRITISH MEDICAL yOURNAL. ments recommended by the Royal Commissioners in their report on this subject.-Mr. Corrance said that he still urged there should be an united county authority instead of placing a matter of such great importance under the authority of an irresponsible Crown officer. The Bill referred to eight Acts of Parliament; and, instead of endeavouring to digest the present laws, the house ought at once to consolidate them. The effect and nature of this Bill
more » ... re of this Bill would be to entail enormous expense without any adequate return. He moved that it was inexpedient to add to the duties at present imposed upon sanitary authorities constituted by the Act of 1872, until their powers were better defined by a consolidation of the statutes, and appointments had been completed in conformity with the intentions of the Act.-Mr. Hibbert said that the Local Government Board and the Government were prepared to give a hearty support to this Bill.-Mr. T. Collins said the house could not give its time this session to a due consideration of this question. They ought not to be over hasty in legislating. It being a quarter to six o'clock, the debate, by the rules of the house, was adjourned.
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.645.549 fatcat:lgeskdsfcnh2fjly32n7glb3um