Measuring Health Literacy Among Somali Men Over the Age of 45 - A Pilot Study [book]

Vasty Klutse
Somali immigrants to the United States are at a particularly increased risk of lower health literacy due to barriers such as language, lower education levels, culture and decreased access to health care resources. Low health literacy puts individuals and communities at risk for poor health outcomes and health disparities. However, as far as is known, there is limited information addressing the health literacy levels and its effects on Somali men. There are no available studies on the health
more » ... s on the health literacy levels in this population. The purpose of this study is to identify Somali men over the age of 45 and measure their health literacy levels. Obtaining health literacy levels is essential in planning educational interventions tailored purposefully for the population of Somali men over the age of 45 years.
doi:10.15385/tmsn.2014.4 fatcat:uvu4ibvlwbhtdfsazlfcyofduq