Prediction of size distribution of iron ore granules and permeability of its bed

X. Lv, C. Bai, X. Huang, G. Qiu
2011 Journal of Mining and Metallurgy. Section B: Metallurgy  
The granulation process, which is determined by many factors like properties of the mixture and the operating parameters, is of very importance for getting a good permeability of the burden in the sintering strand. The prediction of the size distribution of the granules and the permeability of its bed by the artificial neural network was studied in this paper. It was found by the experiments that the order of significance in the granulation process is water content added into the mixture, the
more » ... the mixture, the mass fraction of the particles of 0.7-3 mm, and the moisture capacity. The water content added in the mixture and the mass fractions of the particles of 0.7-3 mm have the positive relation to the permeability of granulation, While, the moisture capacity has the negative relation to the permeability of granulation. Both the moisture capacity and the water content added were used as the inputs in the model of artificial neural network, which can give a good prediction on the permeability and mass fraction of the granules of 3-8 mm, as well as the tendency of the samples under instable raw materials conditions. These two models can be used for optimization the granulation.
doi:10.2298/jmmb101213003l fatcat:hinpddmeerbfhhybnqg2ivktqq